Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Sugar and Adrenal Fatigue

Tuesday means the baking begins in earnest over here. That means there will be sugar e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. Cake scraps, cake batter, frostings, fillings. This is not the place to hang around if you are trying to choose healthy. Even so, I LOVE my job as a Cake Lady!! Thank you Plexus for helping me help myself!
A little reminder for my day: Insulin is the mother of every other hormone in the body!! If things aren't working in your body, try balancing your blood sugar and see what happens! Because of high sugar diets most people have some level of insulin resistance….that means your cells quit noticing when your pancreas release insulin. It's like walking into a loud room - at first your ears hear the noise, but after an hour or two you don't really notice the noise any more.
Plexus Slim helps balance blood sugar, which may in turn reduce cravings and binge eating. Plexus products are about helping your body achieve a balance so that it can function as intended. Often times as a consequence of this balance, people can naturally let go of excess weight.
 We don't have an energy drink...we have a drink that helps you gain natural energy by balancing your blood sugar.
 We don't have diet pills...we have probiotics and natural supplements which help balance your gut and decrease sugar cravings. Plexus is about getting healthy NOT about getting skinny. It's NOT a FAD. It is however HELPING THOUSANDS of people, no matter what their age, gain control over their HEALTH and FEEL their BEST!

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