Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Chromium and Adrenal Fatigue

How to describe Adrenal Fatigue? I don't know if I can but I will share the bits and pieces I have put together. When you are exposed to continuous levels of stress your adrenal glands don't function right (that's a layman's term) and can produce regularly high cortisone levels. Here's one succinct description of what happens:
"Under stressful conditions, cortisol provides the body with glucose by tapping into protein stores via gluconeogenesis in the liver. This energy canhelp an individual fight or flee a stressor. However, elevated cortisol over the long term consistently produces glucose, leading to increased blood sugar levels."
And that's where chromium, the main ingredient in Plexus Slim, makes a real difference for me! Chromium helps balance your glucose levels over the course of the day. For me that's the difference between a life worth living and laid out on the couch waiting to see what happens next! #tryplexus#icandomore #myplexusstory

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