Friday, June 6, 2008

Two Down

two more to go... Soft palate surgery is over. Now the recovery. She was drinking her bottle almost good enough in the hospital. Now at home, she is sleeping more, drinking a little less, but I am not worried yet. She needs the sleep, too. And, you know, as long as the diapers are wet, we are ok. Here are a few pictures.
Daddy and Holly waiting and waiting and waiting for surgery to begin. 2 hours late. Not complaining, the child before us was have brain surgery. Please, take your time.

Here we are in the room, waiting for Prevacid. So this is after the surgery, about 2 hours after.

This is after the Prevacid. Sleeping. Daddy looks a little tired...Must have been close to 10 pm.

This would be Day Two, perking up a little. Fever is gone. Ready for a walk around the floor.

So we begin working our way back up to a six ounce bottle. Good thing Holly has gained weight enough to start back at 2 ounces again. Thank you so much for so many prayers!

Absolutely have to thank Mrs. Fisher and Aunt Rachel for the outfits they made special for Holly. We had plenty of beautiful clothes, that did not interfere with the IV's and tubes and bells and whistles... What a relief to wrestle with one less thing. Thank you Mimi and Aunt Rachel!

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Tera said...

Congratulations Peggy! I've been praying for your sweet baby. She is sooooo pretty, just like her mom! I'm so glad that the surgery went well for all of you. Praying lots of blessings on you all!