Thursday, March 20, 2008

Holly Marie Today

Pre-op. These little gowns say "Soooooooo Big" Cute!Post-Op Day Two. The wrapping on her hand is to protect the iv site.
The iv is for antibiotics and fluids.

The New Smile!


Fowler family said...

What an absolute darling little Holly is. Her lip repair looks so good and she looks like she has recovered incredibly well.

So glad to hear you have this surgery all done with.

You are one strong Momma!

Laura K (NC) said...

Thank goodness! She looks great!

Todd Brown said...

Holly looks like she is doing so well. I have never seen those chubby legs! Thanks for updating so we can know how you all are doing.
Stephanie B

Cami said...

Holly is so cute and her repair looks great! I'm glad you guys are done with this surgery! It's always nice to be in the recovery stage and know that your precious baby will only feel better and better.

By the way, I found your site through wide smiles - my 20 month old was born with a BCLP. If you have any questions or just need to talk, feel free to contact me.

Liz said...

She looks beautiful! I'm glad everything went well and thanks for keeping us updated!

Mary said...

Hi, I came across your blog from another cleft family. Your little one is precious!