Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More Important

Before I type this, I think I know the answer. Here goes: As a parent you do everything you think you should for your children. Teach them manners, responsibility. (Well, at least try too. )

And teach your Faith, about God, Jesus, Church.

And then it happens, I should have seen it coming. They turn around and try to talk to their friends. Except.

That is not very popular.

So, do I now teach that is more important to "walk the walk" and say nothing? How do you learn when it is "right" to say something and when it isn't? And most of all, how does a parent explain that sometimes being popular isn't what it is cracked up to be.

Monday, June 21, 2010

E-Mealz comes through!

We had unexpected, but very welcome, guests this weekend. And e-mealz was there for me. I looked through the cabinets, and the menus, found all the ingredients for a Creamy Curry Chicken casserole as well as side dishes! Felt a little teeny bit like Martha Stewart.

Everything wasn't prefect in the house, but not having to drop everything to run to the store really helped alot. Thank you e-mealz. (The link in on the side bar. Check it out, if you are interested.)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Year Ago?

I can't even remember what Holly was doing a year ago. She is so very NOW. As in everything is Right Now.
We went for our annual visit to the plastic surgeon and the ENT. Everything is fine. There is still a gap in the alveolar arch of Holly's gum which is causing some food to come through her nose. Mostly chocolate and cold stuff. Dr. David said there is not anything to do about it until she has that bone graft around age 9. I'll probably read about it a little and mostly not worry too much. Anyway, I hope that is my plan.
In this picture she is playing "hide and seek" during dinner. All you have to do to hide is close your eyes.

Her speech is way ahead of her age, and so are some of her behaviors. She is so adorable, I don't mind the bossy most times. Tonight she asked "Can I play cat?" Then jumped to the floor and began meowing like our Merlin.
That is totally priceless.