Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Do One Thing...

Diana Wood Gave me this one Christmas and really, Cake was the one thing every day I could count to bring back Joy. Following my doctor's orders (and everyone else's too!) I began treating Depression all the while feeling like I was treating symptoms not the actual problem. Don't get me wrong, I was in bad shape. I needed help. And the prescriptions did help. But did not stop all the anxiety attacks or improve my sleep. As I began to feel better, I did a little research on my own. When I felt strong enough to stop taking the prescription and start adding vitamins, I did. I wanted to treat the problem not the symptom. Depression is a side effect of Adrenal Fatigue. Along with trembling, poor sleep, anxiety, crying, shortness of breath. And the long road back began in earnest. #seekhelp #tryplexus#icandomore #chromiumcanhelp

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