Sunday, March 30, 2008

Holly's Lip Repair

Holly, 3 months old just before Lip Repair Surgery

Here she still has stitches above her lip and those pesky nose stents

This is Day 6 after surgery
Stents and arm braces off! And no stitches above the lip.
Still several dissolvable stitches on her lip, though.
This is Day 8 after surgery. Really unbelievable...


Laura K (NC) said...

She was still in bandages for Easter, but she's lovely for Divine Mercy Sunday!

Good Remedy said...

Oh! I hadn't even thought about that! Thank you. The Divine Mercy prayer has been my lifeline beginning with her delivery!

Ashlee said...

Holly is beautiful. I love to look at pictures. I know that you have seen our little Whitlee's blog.
Peggy, I can't describe the overwhelming feeling when I first saw her in the recovery room. I wanted to drop to my knees in disbelief, but I silently prayed and thanked GOD for this wonderful miracle. I'm SURE you can relate. Just being born in the U.S. is a gift to our beautiful daughters. Take care and hold tight to your sweet angel. -Ashlee(mom to Whitlee-ulclcp) TN visit