Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Gut Feeling

Once that long summer was over and the kids all back in school, I began "The Year On the Couch". I laid around alot. Read a little, watched tv and posted cake pictures  People keep telling me I was trying to do too much. There is no way I could do less. No way. But even the thought of a field trip with Holly was too much and brought on the trembling, tears and nausea. So I kept looking for solutions, healing from the inside out. With a multivitamin, peanut butter bread and melatonin, I kept going as much as I could. Over the next two years I was able to do more.
That's about when Joe Harris began posting relentlessly about how great he felt and how Plexus had changed his life. Things about healing from the inside out, how a healthy gut can effect your mood, and increase your serotonin levels. April 1st, I started the Plexus Tri-plex.
About a week after that, someone asked how I was and I said, "Fine." And was startled to realize that I was! Really. Fine.#tryplexus #myplexusstory#icandomore

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