Friday, May 15, 2009

Dyna Cleft Tape Pictures

This picture is in the hospital, just two days old.
Before using the tape.

I think the milk allergy was starting to kick in here,because this was the beginning of miserable. You can also see a little jaundice. I wish I had a better picture to show, but this is it. The hospital, with no explanation, did not take a baby picture. Fortunately, my sister took a few beautiful ones, but none of those show the cleft. (She's quite a terrific photo taker!)

One more note: Holly's official diagnosis is this: complete cleft lip on the left, an incomplete cleft lip on the right and a complete bilateral cleft palate. Her surgeries have been so far the same as a complete bilateral cleft lip and palate, I mean both sides of her lip were repaired. I use the abbreviation (BCLP) because I don't know a short way to say the whole official thing :-)

Just before the Lip Repair

Can you believe the difference? Really, I hated that tape. But just before the surgery...Wow. What I did like about the tape was explaining it to people, having something to say, rather than not knowing what to say, just talk about the tape. :-)

Just so you know, 3 months later at 6mos old.
It's really hard to believe.


The Dawkins said...

She looks great!!

armouris said...

info on cleft here - Born With Cleft

Amanda said...

The taping is no fun :(. DynaCleft is my favorite though.

She is too cute! I love the "Pebbles/Bam Bam" picture in the next post!

LaQuia said...

How long did you use the tape for? The full 3 months?

Good Remedy said...

Hello LaQuia,We used the tape from December to March when she had her first surgery. Just at 3 months. Hoping all is going well for you. Holly is a happy growing girl these days and I am excited to see how well she is doing. Long way from where we began :-)