Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Find a Happy Place

About that long road back to a healthy me. About 5 months into this, I really could not do much of anything. I learned some coping strategies, like peanut butter on one slice of whole grain bread before I got out of bed helped. And melatonin became my friend. Melatonin works the opposite of cortisol in your body. So If I woke up trembling, I would cut a tiny piece of melatonin and lay back down for a little bit. The trembling, nausea, crying would stop. With the help of many, many friends we limped through that last homeschool year. I saw plenty of doctors too.
But by February, I knew the kids had to go back to school. I began resigning from everything. Everything I volunteered in, every meeting, field trip, homeschool co-op. I needed to rest. Except for Cake! I stubbornly refused to give that up. Enjoying that creative process helped as much as anything.#tryplexus #icandomore #myplexusstory

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