Tuesday, August 30, 2016

How's that working for you?

At last there is progress towards emptying out the abandoned house next door. I feel for those owners and who ever is actually working inside that house. It made me thing about how hard change is and that reminded me of Dr. Phil.
So a 11 years ago I lost 70 pounds on a portion control/spiritual weight loss program. Yay! That was great! I said then and I will say it again now, you must find something that works for you. There is no one way to lose weight. Focus on what is working for you, and if it's not try something else.
Once the Adrenal Fatigue set in, what worked before did not work anymore. At. All. And every single pound came back. It took me a long time to change my thinking to match. Although I was seeking answers, seeing doctors, googling, in the back of my mind there was this fear. I was afraid I could feel worse. I was afraid to waste money, I was afraid to fail.
And then there are the answered prayers that overcome my fears. I think sometime my absolutely weakest prayers are the ones God hears, the ones that I whisper full of doubt. I remember praying for an answer to my struggle with weight 11 years ago and the phone call I got from my sister saying, "Let's do this."
This year, once I overcame fear and actually tried Plexus, I remember praying about being an Ambassador on the way to ECU orientation this summer. When my complete-stranger-roommate-for-one-night pulled out a bottle with the Plexus label, I could not believe it! What are the chances?
My goal this time around is to Make Good Choices, and if my weight drops, so be it. I feel better and can do more, and that is soooo worth every penny!
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