Saturday, February 21, 2009

Soy Joy

It's been one week since we switched Holly to an all soy formula. It's Enfamil's Next Step Prosobee, made for toddlers.

At last, I think we are making progress. Her diet is now totally completely milk free. She is still taking Prevacid and Zyrtec, too. Mostly she can eat any and all types of "chicken soup". Chicken and Rice, Chicken and Stars, baby chicken food, homemade chicken soup, Gerber, Baby's Best. All are good for her.

And she likes it. In addition to avoiding milk and tomatoes, for the moment we are steering clear of fruit, after an "unfortunate incident" last week with a fruit mix containing apricots.

The improvements are: A clear nose for the first time in her life. Much of the coughing has cleared up. She may be working her way up to 6 ounces of formula finally. And eating more solids. And of course, sleep. Holly is sleeping better. Not all night uninterrupted. But I can count on two naps a day for the first time! And that is huge.

One more thing: there has been this weird thing going on with Holly's tongue. I would say it was thrush, but it was not as bad as thrush. Maybe a rash or like bare spots on her tongue. It would come and go, day in and day out. I think that is gone. Her little tongue looks good. Pink, and well. Normal. I sure hope that it is all better. (No, no doctor could explain it. Just thought it might be from the stitches rubbing on her tongue or the new shape of her palate.)

So, here's the plan. Continue with the soy, avoid all the irritating foods, giving her tummy a chance to heal completely from the reflux. After another week of Prevacid, begin trying to wean her off. And then if her sleeping habits continue to improve, begin to make that switch to the cup.

Always Hopeful!

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