Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hooray! Holly's Book is Here

Years ago, I scrapbooked. Alot. I loved working with Creative Memories products, meeting once a month with other moms to create something wonderful for my children out of rolls and rolls of film.

I just knew there was NO way I would be able to do that for Holly,what with updating this blog and reading all the other blogs I follow. :-) But I found the coolest free software: Blurb

You can publish any kind of book. Of course, I choose Photobook. What I love about it: is not having to upload my pictures to Kodak (or Shutterfly or wherever) and then being limited to the pages they offer. After all, I was used to making my pages from scratch. Blank page, a few stickers and some colored paper.

Blurb offers significantly more layout possibilities than I found at and a fair amount of background choices. Out 66 pages in Holly's book, I made 4 pages in Microsoft Digital Image Editor. So even layout choices for 62 pages, that worked for me!

The price is about what I would have spent making her book by hand. You can see the prices at the Blurb site.

Although I would have loved to create something totally unique for Holly, just like I did for the others. I am estatic to have created a baby book at all!

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Kathy said...

I saw Holly's book and was very impressed. You should post some of the pics because the website samples are not nearly as good as the book you made. Maybe you should let them use your book as a sample! It is great and motivates me to want to make one.