Friday, February 27, 2009


This must Satan's main form of offense, just to distract weak people. Like me. If he can succeed in changing the subject fast enough, then he'll win and I will have forgotten ALL about Jesus, God, Lent.

So I spent a few extra hours working with the digital images and completely forgot what I was supposed to be about today. I mean other than laundry, school and Holly :-) My sacrifice for Lent is to pray the Rosary daily. 20 mins each day spent in prayer. As of today, the 3rd day in Lent, I have prayed 1 and 1/2 rosaries. Distrac-TING!

Plenty of time left today to finish that 1/2, and 37 more days to get it right the first time. Why bother with such a rote, repetitious prayer anyway? There are lots of good explanations, but I like this analogy best: I could watch Holly laugh all day. And not be bored. Or any of my children when they are really happy. Or I could drive the whole 6 hours of the Blue Ridge Parkway and not tire of the rolling Appalachian Mountains. Or walk along the coast and be mesmerized by the depth and beauty of the ocean.

I want to be pleasing to God all day long too. After all there are examples to follow straight from the Bible:

Psalm 136 “God's love endures forever” is repeated 26 times

and this in Revelations 4:8 Day and night they do not stop exclaiming "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God almighty, who was, and who is, and who is to come."

Is the angelic choir that sings the same refrain day and night like the pagans repeating prayer mindlessly? Neither should I be. Repetitious prayer is only to be avoided if you are not aware of what you are saying.

Satan may be the master of distractions, but I'm pretty good at refocusing! So off to finish that Rosary!

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