Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm Hooked

Oh no. I may have to stop homeschooling, cleaning, baking.... I found this website with downloadable free digital papers

I did need to download Winrar to unzip the files. And recreate the page when I accidentally closed it without saving :-)

To create the page, I used Microsoft Digital Image Editor. Opened all the files I would need: 6 pictures and 3 files from ShabbyPrincess. Then created a New File, with the size that I wanted: 13 x11. Finally, copied and pasted the items into the new file.

Because these files tend to get large quickly, at this point, I saved the new file. Then closed all the other files. Added my text and this time saved the file in the .jpg format.

Someone remind me to do laundry one day soon!


Anonymous said...

I should make Tony some books from all his digital pictures. He's much more of a picture taker than I am, and he has several (several!) files of pictures, especially about Boy Scouts, on his computer. Wonder if these programs work with a Mac?

Good Remedy said...

Blurb does work with Mac, but not Microsoft Digital Image Editor. I thought Mac had the best photoshop tools though?

As for Blurb, still like the prices better than Kodak.