Saturday, February 7, 2009

I almost wish I didn't know

Please join my prayers, and the hundreds of thousands of others who are praying for an end to abortion. Pray that all expectant mothers will really have "freedom of choice", instead of feeling as if there is "no choice but abortion." Be free to choose LIFE. Even complicated, unplanned, expensive, difficult life.

I wish I didn't know.

I wish today's post was some happy recipe or picture. My mother mentioned this news item last night, and today it was listed on my igoogle news page. It is the ugly face of abortion. This is not for the faint of heart. It is the truth.

This teenage mother will always remember what happen to her baby, and grieve like every parent who loses a child. The worst part is that State Department declared the babies death due to "extreme premature birth." Doesn't exactly represent what happened.

Where is the assistant who let the baby die? How could he/she not see a human being breathing? I almost wish I didn't know. Somehow God will have to use this knowledge to wake our nation to the truth. Our actions have consequences and abortion is not the "easy answer" to a difficult situation.

Where is the hope for this mother? this doctor? the staff at this clinic?
Pray for hope, where I see none. Pray for healing for everyone involved. Pray for an end for abortion.

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Anonymous said...

I think this doctor wasn't punished so much for killing a baby as he was for "falsifying medical records, inappropriately delegating tasks to unlicensed personnel and committing malpractice."

The girl's reaction was a sudden realization that abortion *is* murder. I hope the girl's trauma is truly communicated in all the news stories, and not just the sloppy procedure of the doctor. I hope through this publicity that she finds a Rachel's Vineyard or some other post-abortion healing resource. Poor girl (and her poor daughter) ... abortion does have more than one victim.

I'm afraid the reaction of the medical community won't be to stop abortions, but to be much more careful that they make cleaner kills, and ensure that the mother is never, ever made aware that the fetus they are destroying has a human appearance or a human soul. If the mother had never been made aware, then there would never had been a story or a loss of license.