Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rubbly Tummy

Shoot, cameras in the car. I'll have to upload a current picture of Holly-belle soon.

We met with the GI doc yesterday. As I suspected he would like to have seen Holly make more progress towards getting off Prevacid by now. I asked for a little more time, in the hopes that:
  1. the stomach virus is over
  2. I know, seriously, "no tomatoes"
  3. we are switching to toddler soy formula (thank you Muriel for recommending the half of one formula, half of another approach, it is working!)
Maybe in two weeks, once she is totally off of anything milk related, Holly will be in even better shape. She is pretty cute and so, very much better than this time last year!


mum2twelve said...

Okay! I have been surfing your blog and viewing all kinds of beautiful cupcakes and cakes. You do NOT need the sprinkles from Europe to compete. :-) LOVE those violets!

sexy said...
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