Saturday, May 31, 2008

What Can You Control?

By doubling the amount Prevacid that Holly takes, she is totally, completely a different baby. She will sit happily in her stroller, for a really long time if you are outside! She will ride in the car anywhere, anytime, happily. I am amazed.

Of course, I have to wonder about giving her this medicine. Anyone would.

I remember, though, when Lee and I decided to take our oldest off of ADD medicine. At that same time new research was published to indicate that if your ADD child was left untreated, they would be more likely to be addicted to drugs later in their teen years.

What a very difficult thing to read at that particular time. But a friend threw a life line out to me. She said you can not control what will happen in the future, you can only do what you believe is the very best now.

That was 5 years ago. If you ever meet my oldest, or know him now, you'll agree the ADD diagnosis was not appropriate. Taking him off medication was a good decision for us.

So, I am left to trust that this decision, to double her medicine is a good one too. And pray that God will control the rest.


Anonymous said...

So much of medicine is guesswork. When our kids are young it's so hard to know what they need. Poor Holly! She has had so much to overcome... if only that speech therapy would make her precocious enough to say, "Mom, I think that dose of Prevacid is a little light, can you get the doc to bump it up a notch?" And then when she outgrows it, to be able to tell you, "Mom, I think my system has matured enough that I don't really need any pharmaceutical help anymore, thank you!"

Good Remedy said...

If only...but going on the Happy Baby sounds, I'll take that as a "yes" from Holly that we are on the right track!