Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Holly

As I mentioned before, with just a slight change to Holly's reflux medicine, Happy Baby has been at our house more often than not lately. Wow. Not yet Sleeping Baby. But so very grateful for Happy Baby to be here at last.

We finally have a referral to a pediatric gastro-interologist. At this point, the visit will be to confirm the changes we have made to her meds and verify no more changes are needed. Hopefully, this appointment will be soon. If changes happen, it will be a few weeks before surgery.

Finally, today, I have heard about a third child that has had the palate repair, by the same tam we are seeing, and has had holes open in the palate. This is not uncommon. And either the holes close on their own, or more surgery is required. Please pray for these little babies, that the parents will keep the faith, stay strong for their children, that the holes will close and God will comfort these families.

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The Ski's said...

Hello! I found your site from Ian's site...and had to comment. Your family is beautiful.....that little smile of Holly's is so contagious! I am the mom of 2 kids, one who was born in Nov. with a bilateral cleft lip and palate. He will be undergoing his first lip repair in 2 1/2 weeks. I would love to like your site to mine, if you are ok with that. I think you have such a refreshing outlook, and it is so nice to see. I am glad that I found your site....and will be back to visit again soon. Take care...and many blessings to your family!