Monday, May 5, 2008

I am NOT Hyacinth

Although there is a precedence for Hyacinth running in our family. I am not Hyacinth! I realize that I have been fighting a "Martha" complex for many years, but Hyacinth is a whole new level. Just this morning, when I, harmlessly, suggested my husband not wear a particular t-shirt to work, he called me Hyacinth! Me, Hyacinth. That just CAN NOT be. Despite the dust bunnies and piles of laundry, I CAN NOT be Hyacinth. I thought I had this "Martha" thing beat. Will have to work on my "More Mary, Less Martha" mission statement more. I CAN NOT be Hyacinth.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh, boy, am I in trouble. I have been able to keep away from the television because I thought there wasn't anything good on TV.

She's a riot. I watched the whole episode. You have certainly hidden your hyacinthine tendencies at co-op. I know one Hyacinth... my mother. I don't know any contemporaries that are like Hyacinth at all. I think Hyacinths have to have lived through most of the 50's.

I'm thinking your banana-split stunt is an effort to discredit this Hyacinth accusation. :)