Sunday, June 1, 2008

Wicked Women!

"Mom, is it true that women who wear pants are wicked?"

Sigh, my youngest has been to visit the neighbors, again. Sweet, precious beautiful girls who belong to a different church than ours and wear dresses all the time. Am I wicked for wearing pants?
"I wear pants and I am not wicked. Your sister wears pants. Your Mimi wears pants, she is definitely not wicked. Now, I believe it is true that when I wear a skirt other people are nicer to me. " This drew an argument from our daughter, insisting that people treat her the same all the time. Still I maintain, that women who wear skirts are treated a little nicer.

Pants happen to be comfortable. And shorts are too, especially in the summer. Even if Oprah says women my age shouldn't wear them!

Come to think of it, Holly even wears pants and we all know she is not wicked! See for yourself:

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