Saturday, May 3, 2008

Simply School, Menus and Life

Reflux continues to rule the roost at our place. So in an effort to continue Keeping It Simple, the blog fell to the bottom of my list. So many thoughts I have wanted to post, but will mention just a few Simple Ideas for this week:

1. For our homeschool, we use a simple table for daily assignments. The days of the week are across the top, the subjects down the side. It all fits on one piece of paper each week, one per child. This is simple enough for our 7th and 4th grader to clearly see their assignments each day. What they don't finish from one day the continue the next. Checking off each subject as they go.

For my first grader though, this has proven more of a challenge. So I have been leading him to each assignment, as in "now do this." Finally, I implemented a simple numbering system. I numbered the subject 1-7, then put stickers on his books 1-7. Now even he can see what pages he should be working on. Currently these are all consumable books, next year though he should be in the habit and the whole assignment sheet will hopefully work better for him (and me too!)

2. I am still loving the Menus4Moms and will be printing this week's grocery list and recipes today. The best part is just knowing for certain all the ingredients are in the house! No wondering, do I have???? But even better is this: last night I did not want to make the suggested meal, too tired. But since I had "ingredients" I made this menu instead: Ham, mashed potatoes, cornbread and baked apples. Not as healthy as the suggested menu, but it took less than 20 mins to make and the whole crew was happy.

3. Last thought about Menus4Moms: Some of the ingredients are just too tempting for my children plain, as is, no recipe required. So although the grocery list may say "$75". I buy more. Like two cans of pineapples, not one. The first can is gone before the groceries have hit the shelves. One carton of strawberries? Who are you kidding, those are currently on sale, I bought 4. So if you are cooking for a crowd keep that thought in mind. No sense in being frustrated because you thought you got everything you needed!

Peace be with you this week!

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