Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sing a New Song

Somehow, I have got to replace this broken record in my mind. After the most recent doctor visit, this time to a speech therapist, all I can think is "Why didn't some one tell me?" Isn't there some Star Trek like Computer for medical information?

Computer, what is the schedule for treatment of a cleft lip and palate, include all possible treatments?

Computer, what are the effects of reflux on an infant with a cleft lip and palate?

Can't you just hear Picard confidently commanding information? Then, of course, the whole problem would be solved with one of those benign shots that sound like an air freshner?

So, Holly does need speech therapy, now. Not later. And the drooling is related to weak muscles in her mouth, not reflux. Wow. Now Holly and I get to sing silly songs and excerise her lip. I can not tell you how very grateful I am that I read about the other babies already getting speech therapy. Nothing like the voice of experience to spur me on! Why wait for a doctor?

Someone did tell me, just not who I was expecting too. Thus, the need for a new song. Instead of repeating that broken record over and over, I need find a new song to sing. One that is more grateful, way less resentful. Sing a New Song Unto the Lord!


Anonymous said...

From what you've described, Holly should have gotten a great head start with the crying from her reflux. That has to count for something, right? :) I think I read somewhere that frowning takes much more work and uses more muscles than smiling. See... God has His ways!

I never would have thought that babies would need speech therapy. That's amazing. You are very blessed to have doctors that are giving her every opportunity to heal. There's an ad in every Sunday paper about sponsoring children with cleft lips... children who probably get minimal surgery, who are already older and don't have the benefits that we do here in middle-class U.S.A.

(I advised my oldest son this week to count his blessings because he's been out of sorts. Since I also have been out of sorts I've been trying to practice what I preach. This post is me, practicing being thankful. :) )

AZReam said...

Not sure about Picard (he's a bit too recent for me), but Kirk would have suggested you take a look at the RES-Q Infant Wedge & Sling - with advice available from a computer known as the Pediatric OT Co-inventor