Monday, July 7, 2008

Hollywood, Here We Come?

Ok, Hollywood may not be ready for the Fishers. And we are definitely not Hollywood material. But Holly has made her first guest appearance. These friends have encourage me to keep going, and seek answers for Holly's little baby steps.

Most recently, Reid's fabulous eating habits and record setting sleep have pushed me to try food again with Holly. I had almost resolved to wait until after the next surgery to begin solids. But when I read about Reid's experiences, we picked up the spoon again. So far, Holly likes carrots and sweet potatoes but not bananas.

I'll post pictures of using the Haberman for baby food soon. Using a syringe was good and spoon works but is very slow and tedious. So far, the Haberman has only one drawback: The nipple holds 1 ounce. So, I'll have to have a few bottles set up and ready to go, once Holly is ready for more.

But maybe by then, that next surgery will be over and we'll just use a spoon!

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The Ski's said...

Glad things are slowly getting better bit by bit. We are singing praises because Reid is eating 4 seven oz. bottles daily, and about 3 jars of food daily. Sleep is still good.....all night long, except for the screams of pain when he has a burp stuck and realizes he can't get it out alone. I go up, burp him, rock for about 30 seconds, and back to bed. This happens almost every night because of his reflux. We just can't put him down anywhere close to when he has fed recently. I don't mind burping....and it is quick enough that it is over almost before it starts. We are knocking on wood, and pray it continues to go so well. After 8 months of crying, screaming, taping, up all night, etc....we are fully enjoying the 7 plus hours straight of sleep we are getting. By the way....Reid is sleeping 12 hours nightly! We will continue to pray for success at your house as well. Hugs to Holly!