Monday, June 30, 2008

Simply Posion Ivy

To add to an already exiciting Sunday afternoon, my daughter caught a nasty case of poison ivy. It started on one knee, but after attending a broiling hot groundbreaking ceremony and using ice to cool off, the rash spread everywhere the ice went.

God is merciful and my friend, Fr. Shawn, called in the middle of all this. He recommended Tecnu. Miracle! You have to have this. We washed the affected areas, rinsed with cold water and the rash was practically gone. A dose of Benadryl and Tecnu, problem solved. We did need to repeat the wash and rinse this morning, since we missed a few spots last night. Or its in her hair.

But no calamine needed and no agonizing itch. I highly recommend this Simple Solution: Tecnu!

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The Ski's said...

Good morning to you all! I appreciate the post about sleep. Glad to know that Reid isn't alone...and neither are we! Maybe we are on another roll??? But I hate to jinx myself. We have had 2 good nights again. He has slept straight through. When he sleeps...he sleeps....almost 12 hours now. Unreal! Then, other nights he wants to eat every 3 hours. I don't get it! asked about feeding. Ahhhh...yes. Reid LOVES to cup. It's great to bang it around on the high chair with, you see. Not to drink out of....why would he do that??? I have yet to try formula in it. Just water and juice so far. He actually drinks better from a syringe because he fed that way for quite awhile when he was very little. So, we are trying not to stress about not using the cup. I think palate surgery for Reid will be in late Sept. or early Oct. We have not been called to schedule yet. I think going to ALL cup and no bottle will be a stress here. Plus, I am going back to teaching in the add that to the pile. Ahhhh...I know it will happen, I just am not looking forward to rushing him out of "babyhood". I think he will be our last one...and I hate the thought of rushing him through. Any tips you find helpful....pass them along. I would love to see what works for you and Holly! Blessings to you all....