Saturday, July 12, 2008

Wee Sing What?!?

Don't you just hate it when modern day writers re-write children's songs and stories so each are more pleasant? Barney is famous for changing fairy tales to be more politcally correct.

Now the Wee Sing tape we are listening to has changed that standard "Alouette" to "All You Eat-ah!" I know the original is gross. But it is a classic traveling song. This new version is weird.

All you eat-ah, think of all you eat-ah ("eat" is pronounced "et")
All you eat-ah, think of all you eat

Think of all the spaghetti you et,
Think of all the spaghetti you et.

Spaghetti you et, spaghetti you et.

Who cares about how much spaghetti you "et"? If you are eating that much spaghetti, you need more than a song. There is some weird paradox here at work: we don't want our preschoolers exposed to the realities of life in fairy tales (people used to kill birds for dinner), but then as they reach tween years the exposure to beyond reality violence is extreme. What is going on here?

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