Friday, July 25, 2008

Whatcha' readin?

I love the Feedjit at the bottom of this blog. There is a link to click on to see "live feed". Not like there is that much traffic here. The cool part is that the live feed lists what people searched on that brought them to our little part of the world.

By far the number one search is for "Our Lady of Good Remedy", followed closely by "Haberman Bottle". A tie for third would be "fruit flies" and "wasps". Wonder what people think about that wasps trap? I have decided we are really not Martha Stewart/Country Living but more like Jeff Foxworthy/just plain Country. I'm ok with that, we don't have a swarm of wasps at the sand box anymore!

Back to the number 1 search, "Our Lady of Good Remedy". Isn't that just great! Mary deserves to be the number 1 search. After all, if you find her, you will find The Number One that you are really searching for!

What is it about Mary that makes her worth searching for? (Well, the thoughts that follow are not my own, but from all that I have read over the past few years.) My favorite example comes from Jesus' own first miracle, changing water into wine. Why did he do it? He said his time was not yet. He wasn't ready to reveal himself. But he did a miracle! Why? Simply because His mother asked Him to.

Simply because Mary asked her son, for a favor. Or as we like to say, a prayer request.

In other words, have you ever seen your husband jump faster, than when his mother calls? I don't know about all families, but I know my husband definitely honors his mom. When she calls, all else stops. He will talk to his mom anytime and there is very little he wouldn't do for her.

That is a good thing. They have this relationship that is love. How much more LOVE is there from Jesus (who is LOVE) for his own mother, Mary?

Which brings me back to our original question: Why search for Mary? Clearly she is deserving of our respect just because she carried Christ, our Savior, in her body. But Mary wants more than just to be honored. She wants to love us too. And what better way to show some one love than to help in a time of need?

Finally, if you are searching for help, ask Mary. You may find More than you are looking for!

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