Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Grateful in ALL Things?

Now that you've seen our food delivery system, can I vent a moment?

I hate bottles, really I do. Holly is still only drinking 4 ounces at a time. That adds up to 6 or 7 bottles a day. Now we've added about 4 food bottles to this regime. Basically, I am fixing, giving or washing bottles (with a little break to type a note or two).

Here are a few other things that are driving me crazy: No apples, pears, juice or food, because that irritates the lining of Holly's nose. Which cause her nose to run and be stopped up, that causes her to drool more too. No rice, oatmeal or bananas because that irritates her stomach. And by irritate, I mean constipate. And that makes Holly stay awake and wake up all night long. Carrots, I thought were ok before, but now maybe not. Carrots and bananas seem to aggravate her reflux, some sharp burps, some coughing.

At this point, I can count on sweet potatoes. Everytime. No fussing, no awake all the time, no stopped up nose. Just sweet potatoes. That helps some. Holly will wake just once now, if all else is "just right". What I am after is sleep.

I saw our friend Reid enjoying an ice cream cone (just the cone). I was nearly "pea green with envy". I remember the first time my others got to eat things like that too, so much fun. Surely Holly will one day too?

All this makes me think, am I truly grateful in ALL things? Can I say thank you for these bottles, thank you for this way off feeding Holly? I have to. I refuse to let Satan distract me with envy. I am stubborn after all. Stubborn enough to say, in spite of everything, Thank you God for all the things you have given me. Every gift, every trial. Please help me be grateful always.


Joliet said...

Been there. Truly I have been. I know that feeling completely. Joliet has things coming out of her nose all the time and here lately it is really getting to the both of us. I have to say though you are right. I can't allow this to keep me down. It will get better. I thank God her reflux is just about completely gone and she just spits up when she has eaten way too much. Let me know how the Sassy feeder goes. Take care, Valencia

The Ski's said...

Ohhhhh...I am sorry. Ok...we are right there with you in MANY ways believe it or not. Now, the food thing is definitely working better for Reid than for Holly, and I am sorry about all your struggles. Reid's reflux is HORRIBLE and spits up ALL day long. No matter when you feed him. I know that if I have fed him within the hour and I plan on going in the car somewhere, I will have to change his whole outfit when I get there, because when I lift him out of his carseat, it ALL comes back up. So, I usually need new clothes as well. He also has issues with fruits. I have found that apples along with bananas work, but yes...the constipation thing is also a problem for Reid. A big one. He has been on meds for it since 10 days old. Many meds. We have tried 6 or 7 and now we are seeming to have good luck with Lactulose. Of course, it is prescription and Reid has to take it 2 times daily to just allow him to go. He still does not go daily, and many times when he does go, it is difficult to pass and we have to resort to a suppository. We have had MANY reflux and constipation issues. I plan Reid's meals for the day to make sure I am getting enough fiber in him. He HAS to have quite a bit in order to allow him to go. I feel for you. Carrots are Reid's favorites, and he also does well with the oranges and yellows.....sweet pot./squash... etc. We do not do ANY cereal with Reid, either. Too binding as well. I do give him juice from a sippy....cranberry helps with constipation. Will she drink any juice? I don't even dillute it. Reid also has to have prunes daily. He throws up the juice immediately...but tolerates the solid food form. Reid is inclined at 45 degrees in bed...but still wakes at night to burp or bring something up from his last bottle...even though he burped 4-5 times. So, I can relate to what you are dealing with, and I am sorry. I do about 4-5 loads of laundry of the kids clothes daily...and that is just 2 kiddos! Reid goes through 25 bibs daily at least that are so drenched that I could ring them out. He does enjoy the occasional cone or "cookie" that he can really chew on due to teething. I wish I had a magic wand for us both. Just know you aren't alone...and we will keep you all close in thought. Take care.....

PS...we just got Reid on a feeding schedule....4 bottles a day at 7 ozs. each and 1 jar of food 3 times daily. He seems to be in a good rhythm right now. I pray it lasts. At least until we have to say goodbye to the bottles for palate surgery this fall....