Monday, July 28, 2008

Splish, Splash!

Anna and I had fun today making a personal pool for Holly. I think Holly had fun too! Here are few things Holly has been up to lately: Sleeping about 6 hours a night, tried her first empty ice cream cone! And much to my relief, she did not choke on it, or end up with pieces in her nose. Holly has also learned to stick out her tongue (there's a picture in the video). And of course, she is trying to get up on her toes, instead of her knees. That's a little frustrating for her. Enjoy the summer splish, splash pictures!

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Joliet said...

How cute! What a very creative way to make a pool. Joliet screamed the first time we put her in the pool. I guess I had the water too cold. You've got to show me how to make a slide show/video. Thanks! I sent you an email with all my drama. I hope I wasn't too negative, that was just how I was feeling at the time. Oh, by the way, no your Holly is not the only fussy baby. I joke with people all the time that Joliet was a screamer not a crier...a screamer. Then I just kept thinking maybe she'll be a singer. Needless to say it did get better, a lot better. However, moms should use their own judgment in knowing that if they think something is wrong it probably is. So take your advice and go to the doctor and be persistent.