Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hooray! 10 Years Old!

Check out the new hair do!
Anna gets a real hair cut and style!
(What we both learned: if the hairdresser says,
this will look better than the picture, hmmm maybe she meant different)
Anna is still happy with her grown up look!

The Cake is an original design, by the 10 year old herself!!!
Thank you to everyone who joined us for this Big Day! Anna had such a good time and hopes everyone did. (Even her cousin Chris, whose toe got cut accidentally at the mini golf area! He is recovering without stitches, thank goodness!)
In the past ten years, Anna has been an avid learner of all things crafty and artistic. I believe she is on the edge of surpassing "The Master" (that would be me, Mom, in our little world). To honor her achievements, Anna will be taking art classes this year from a real art teacher. I think my new role in Anna's education will be to keep the art supplies well stocked!
Happy Birthday Anna, Dad and I love you!

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Anonymous said...

Love the hair!

Happy birthday Anna!