Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ouch! Wasps

It was bound to happen. Our wonderful, fun, freshly loaded sandbox is near a wasp nest. Unfortunately, we can not actually locate the nest. It must be in the ground.

Today was the day, Bill got stung. Maybe the wasps are upset with the rain flooding their home. Here's the Simple Solution to trap Wasps: First place a bucket of soapy water under a tree limb, whwere you want to place the trap. Then, hang a small piece of raw beef from a tree. About 4 ft high. The wasps will gorge on the beef and fall into the soapy water.

Talk about the condemned last meal!

We set the trap at aboout 9am this morning and in less then 2 hours, 2 bees have bit the dust, and several are munching their way to the end of the line!

There are two sad side effects: 1. Our cat is throughly confused. She can smell the meat but can't find it. 2. The yard smells like raw beef. I see this is not a long term solution, but may work for today. If only that queen bee will come out.

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Anonymous said...

We had yellowjackets a few years ago and they must do the same thing. We bought yellowjacket traps for them, not having that Fisher ingenuity!