Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Baby Food and the Haberman

I promised pictures of our "baby food system". Here's the low down on how we are using the Medela Special Needs Feeder to offer Holly baby food: I fill the nipple only with food, insert the valve and disc, then attach this to the bottle. Keeping the whole thing upside down so the food doesn't pour out. Once the bottle is on tight, you are good to go. No leaking.

And the key to our success here is using one of those old split nipples. I've been saving them in the hopes that we could get another mile out of them.

The only downside to this so far is that the nipple only holds one ounce. It takes two of these set-ups to get down a small baby bottle. Not like I don't have a few old Habermans to spare. We've got plenty. The nipple I can squeeze to help, and the valve/disc creates the vacuum that helps too. Holly can eat this way pretty quickly, with out food coming out her nose. That totally stresses her out. All eating stops once her nose is clogged.

The new system arrived in the mail yesterday. It is called the Sassy Infant Feeder. I bought these off ebay. It holds more food and has a bottom that you can gently push up to move the food out. Holly did not take right to it and we made a bigger mess pouring the food back into the Haberman. Not sure if I will pursue this new bottle. After all, the next surgery is in two months. And after that, she should be able to eat with a spoon. Right?

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