Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Truth about Trust

I wish I could say all this "Trust In God" talk was easy. You say it and it happens. But no, not for me anyway. Many years ago, I read this thought somewhere: "I want to have walked in the light for so long, that when the darkness comes I will still know the way." Ever since then, I have used that to compel me to develop new habits. One of which is walking in the Light, also know as Trust in God.

I began with little things like: Dear God, You know I have this little boy and I am 9 mos pregnant, can I have a good parking space? And my reactions were little too: Surprised when God answer my little prayer.

Over time my requests became bigger, finances, healing, peace, forgiveness and responses have changed to from Surprise to Awe. He still answers.

I wish I could say my Trust in God was some great life changing leap of faith. But really this has been a habit I have been working on for a long time. God, ever faithful, has been merciful to lead me in this way. I, ever doubtful, remain in awe of His compassion and concern for my life.

Now when my prayers have taken a monumental turn of importance, I have walked in the light so long, that I still know the way. I am full of doubt, anxiety and a good dose of fear. But over riding all of that is Trust. A habit leading me to turn to God instead of away from Him.

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