Tuesday, April 1, 2008

How Ungrateful!

I am back on The Light Weigh. And spent most of yesterday offering up my food temptations for a good nights sleep.

Holly did actually sleep through the night! Miracle! She had a 4 oz bottle, 1 oz of Apple Juice and Rice, a bath and another 4oz bottle. And kept it all down. And slept in her swing 9pm-1am. In her cribfrom 1am-4am!!

And I actually woke up cranky because I slept on the couch (near the swing) half the night. How rude. Pray a prayer, and God answers me, immediately. And that's the thanks I give?

Lord, Thank you for Holly sleeping all night. I am sorry for being ungrateful. Thank you for hearing me, and caring for me. I promise to do better for the rest of the day. Thank you for letting me know early on, that I needed to turn around! Love, Peg


mum2twelve said...

You and Holly have been tagged. Go here to see what to do about it!

mum2twelve said...

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