Saturday, March 29, 2008

It's Raining, It's Pouring

Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass…It’s about learning to dance in the rain! - Anon.

No sense in waiting for the storms to pass in Holly Marie's life. Must learn to dance now!

Day 1-3 Birth, in hospital, 2 feeding tubes, 2 xrays and the biliruben light.
Day 4-14 At home, mostly peaceful, many visitors :-) 1st visit to Baptist
Day 15 Mini Special Needs Feeders tear. Holly rejects new nipples.
Week 3-4 Chaos begins. Reflux sets in. Try two different bottles.
Holly schedule is like this: Bottle 1 hr, Cry 1 hr, Sleep 30 mins, start over.
Week 5 Reflux induced Apnea episode, go to ER. 2nd visit to Baptist, Begin Prevacid.
Week 6-7 Wait for Prevacid to make "Big Difference"
Week 8-11 Try 4th bottle, it works best. Try 4 types of formula settle on Nutramigen.
Week 11-12 All bottle nipples tear, start on 5 new nipples, Holly reverts to drinking 2 ozs at a time
Week 13 Can't remember must have been peaceful! :-0
Week 14-15 1st Ear Infection
Week 16-17 1st Surgery: Lip Repair and Stitch Removal
Week 18 Begin Teething, Pediatrician noticed two small white bumps on bottom gum. Not quite teeth yet, but soon.

Here is the dancing part: Holly learned to roll over sometime in Feburary and began laughing, real belly laughs in March. She began to talk alot, especially when those braces were on. Lee swears she was saying, Daddy, please don't put those on.... And of course, most recently we are dancing with a New Smile!

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Anonymous said...

She is so going to owe you one when she gets big. This will be the child who takes you and Lee into her home in your old age, should you make it that long!

I loved the baby laugh period. That's one of the best sounds God ever made. Even today when I hear a little baby belly laugh I get tears in my eyes. Would you believe... I'm welling up thinking about it! :)