Sunday, March 30, 2008

Gladys Kravitz

A few weeks ago, our neighbors had a party. I never knew how much time I spent in the kitchen near the window. Until I tried to avoid staring at their party all day! I felt just like Gladys Kravitz on "Bewitched" spying on her neighbors.

I used to love that show. Until Harry Potter ruined it for me. I couldn't explain the difference between a sitcom about magic and a novel about magic. So we quit watching the show. In the end my oldest read the novels anyway. You do what it takes to win the biggest trophy in school! Some really good marketing going on there. He doesn't seemed to have suffered any ill effects from being exposed to Harry. In the end he still likes Star Wars and Bionicals better (more magic?).

So what is my hangup with magic anyway? Who doesn't want to conquer the space time contiuum? Or be omniscient like "Q" in Star Trek? Or fly on a broom and rescue your friends from their perilous situation? Or even more magical, find a cure for Cancer, or magically close Holly's palate with the wave of a wand....

Here's the rub: If you look for magic everyday, than you miss the everyday Miracles. Miracles like the flowers in Spring, one last cold rainy day before the Summer heat or the arrival of your new born baby, puppies and kittens too. If you are looking for magic, you might mistake the The Miracle of things like the stigmata, Marian apparitions, and most of all The Eucharist for something less than Divine.

I pass on the magic, hope you look for some Miracles today too!

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