Saturday, March 22, 2008

Timing is Everything

I really, really wanted Holly's lip repair to be completed before Easter. I was thinking what a nice thing it would be to have post-surgery pretty Easter pictures of our new and improved family. I know: I have priority issues...

But I got one part of my prayer answered, Holly's surgery was before Easter. And another prayer answered that I didn't even know about. Having this scheduled right at Eastertime has given me a new perspective on the whole experience. It would be very easy to sink into a little despair and pity. Not that I haven't shed a tear or two.

Still Easter week does throw a whole new light on our current situation. This is tough, and it is sad to see Holly this way, when all the other little girls will be in Easter dress.

But it was worse for Him and His mother.


Ilse Cardelle said...

Peggy and Lee, I am so glad that everything turned out so well for Holly Marie! I will say an extra prayer of Thanksgiving tomorrow at Easter Sunday mass, and continue to pray for a speedy, painless recovery. Please don't worry about Easter dresses, etc. Holly Marie will be an especially cute 15 mo. old next year with her beautiful smile and Easter dress! I guess what I'm saying is, try to keep focusing on all you have and not worry about what you don't...that's what I do anyway, when I feel discouraged about all we "don't have." You have a beautiful family....God bless you all and give you strength. Love, Ilse Cardelle (writing from PA where we are visiting my husband's family for Easter) CHRIST IS RISEN! ALLELUIA!

Elly said...

What a BEAUTIFUL little girl Holly is. Having surgery on such a young child had to be very scary and I'm so happy everything worked out so well. God bless all your family, you have beautiful kids. Elly Krick, Member of Sacred Heart.