Tuesday, March 25, 2008

American Food

Just read last week's edition of the Catholic News and Herald. There were some really great articles about the difference Catholics are making in immigrants lives. Things like marching to protest poor working conditions, holding workshops to educate people on different Visas and opportunities to help immigrants gain legal status in the US. And even a cooking course to learn to cook American food.

Let's see some truly American foods that come to mind are: hamburgers, hot dogs, frozen chicken nuggets, biscuits in a can, Kraft Mac-N-Cheese, Hamburger Helper, Rice-a-Roni, Lean Cuisinne...hmmm not sure this is a good thing. How about them teaching us to cook Spanish food. With the fresh ingredients and made from scratch approach, it has got to be healthier than our version. Or teach them to cook Italian or French. But American?

The only American food that comes to mind, that I have no objection to at all, is Apple Pie. Never anything wrong with that! I'd even teach that class.

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