Monday, June 30, 2008

Simply Clean

To achieve a sparkling kitchen, you must sneek up on the activity. First: plan a nice movie afternoon. Buy a soda and some popcorn on the way home from Mass. Gather the family pop the corn, open the soda. As soon as the soda explodes all over the entire kitchen, your opportunity has arrived!

But do not let this spoil your afternoon. Second step, sop up as much soda as you can. Then proceed with your movie. Now relaxed and refreshed, tackle the kitchen in earnest. I choose the bottom up plan. The floors are clear and a Swiffer Wet is simple enough.

Once the floors are finished, use Endust to polish all the cabinet doors. Next, the hardest part is the countertops. Only because every single dish, appliance and knick-knack must be washed. Windex is my favorite for countertops, toaster oven and sink. Everything is sparkling. I also used this opportunity to remove old knick-knacks and declutter my countertops (again).

Finally, you might as well wipe down the refrigerator, dishwasher and stove because, lets face it, the dirt now stands out like a sore thumb. In no time at all you have a Simply Clean Kitchen. (Save the ceiling for another time, it may require paint :-)

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