Monday, June 9, 2008

Simply Sand

So much fun! When Bill suggested we refill our much neglected sandbox, I readily agreed. We took the trailer to a local rock and mulch place and asked for "half a load" of sand. For $16 we got way more sand than needed to fill our sand box. (Enough to fill in a few holes around the yard too.)

I can't remember how much those bags of sand are at the store, but I remember it would have been more than $16 to fill our box. If you don't have a sand box, a cheap plastic swimming pool will do. One year, for my nephews birthday we bought a sunflower shaped pool at Dollar General which now happily serves as a sand box on their back porch!

Finally the key to success of this plan was that the children had to "do the work"!

I know, Bill doesn't look so happy to move the sand, but he sure has been happy building cities, towns and the rock and mulch supply place, ever since!


Laura K (NC) said...

One of the best presents my dad ever gave us was to build us a great big sandbox when Robert was about a year old. Like you, we used a truck to get a half scoop of sand and that filled the box to overflowing, which was great for the boys, who just flung the sand out anyway.

It was a sad day when I looked at the sandbox and saw weeds growing in it, and all the toys in it faded and dilapidated. The kids hadn't used the sandbox in over a year. We finally dismantled it.

When I have grandkids I'm going to get them a sandbox and a load of sand. That is, if their mother approves. I sure do pray that she'll be the kind that approves. :)

The Ski's said...

Thanks for all your positive comments and all your info on your site. I enjoy your site and have not had time to browse much.

I appreciate your info on the stents. We go tomorrow to see what our surgeon says. I HATE them. I want to do right and keep them in, but they are such a bear to get in and Reid can not STAND putting them in. Once they are in, he seems ok. It is just the in out, in out thing. Horrible. I am anxious to see what Wed. brings. Our PS is definitely FOR the stents, even to the extreme of 6 months or more. Yuck. I guess the top PS in the nation uses stents for 12 months. I think I would commit myself to an institution if I had to do this to my child. In fact, I may have to do that anyway after 3-6 months of these! : ) We will see what Wed. brings.

Thanks for staying so positive. I appreciate your blog, and hope to not wait so long to visit again. I am glad that Holly is recoperating well. Sleep is better, huh? Reid is still up at night to eat....2 times last night. I am pretty worn down from that alone. Then, the stents don't allow for restful sleep for him either. Hopefully, one day!

Take care, and thanks for the comments! Have a great day!