Tuesday, June 17, 2008

So...How's the Diet?

A few weeks ago, I had a major breakthrough to help get me back on the path to Peace with Food. Just wanted to update my progress since then.

The week before Holly's surgery, I found a new focus to sacrifice food for. That week, I managed to lose 3 pounds. Hooray! The following two weeks, Holly's surgery and my husband's surgery, the real test began. I have managed to maintain but not lose since.

What do you do now? Begin again. I need to focus again. Especially, since I know I will be tested in stressful times ahead. This time I will share my focus: ME. I want to turn to Jesus, instead of food when I am troubled or worried or fearful. I have learned enough to know that when Holly cries, or Bill and Anna fight, or that unexpected bill comes in the mail, I immediately head to the fridge.

What good will that do? Does it stop Holly from crying? Does that extra food calm the argument between the others? Does write the check for the bill? No. What it does do is teach my children that "Food is comfort." And that is definitely a lesson I do not want them to learn.

So for me, for Peace with Food, for the lesson I want my children to learn (Jesus is our Comfort!) I must begin again. Wait on Hunger, Sacrifice Two Bites, Pray. You can find Peace with Food too.

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