Thursday, June 19, 2008

I (heart) iGoogle!

Having a perfect home explorer webpage sure is the neatest thing ever! Since I figured out how to customize iGoogle, I am even more addicted to logging on during the day then ever. Is that a good thing? Not sure, but it sure is neat (and simple and free).

Here's what I like the best:
1. Having the local weather displayed.
2. A short list of the top Google News stories.
3. The time and date (color coordinated to my theme)
4. The theme! I choose Anne Geddes, which changes all through out the day. All those cute babies and flowers.
5. Google Reader. This gadget (or box) will display my favorite blogs or websites when an update is posted. Reader is under the "more"drop down list at the top of the iGoogle page. Here you can "add subscriptions" to receive updates automatically. You just copy and paste the web address into the add box. Go back to the iGoogle page, then click on Add Stuff, search for Google Reader. "Add it now" and updates will appear on your home page.

Finally, when you are through with your custom page, choose the Tools Menu, Internet Options, and Use Current to make this your home page. Best part is that this is free. You do need to have a google id, still free.

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