Thursday, February 21, 2008

Just Say Yes

How hard can that be? How many times have I said to my children, "Will you just say yes ma'am?" As in "Yes ma'am, I will take out the trash." or "Yes ma'am, I will not eat in the living room again." Not until today did this simple request register with ME.

During our usual math struggle, me struggling to get my son to finish his math, the moment occured. He said "I will do it. I want to do it my way." By God's grace, I was able to direct him to time out, and then after we both calmed down, I could politely discuss this. My response was, "I am glad you know how to do this another way. But this lesson is not about solving the problem that way. This lesson is about learning a new way to solve the problem."

The very next thought I had was, "are you listening to yourself?" It is not about me doing it my way. But about God showing me there is another way. The original way isn't bad or wrong. But this way is new and better for the circumstances. In Holly's short life, I have given up countless "old ways" of taking care of my newborn. Instead learning a new way that is better for her.

From the very start, this has been about Just Saying Yes to God. My friend, Fr. Shawn said early on, "Hey, you can call me if you want. I'll say its not about you." That was the best advice I have received. It isn't about me. It is about God. About saying Yes to what He wants.

Saying Yes to God is not impossible. Many, many people before me have done so. Not that it is easy. What countless ways of her life did Mary give up when she said Yes? or Esther? or St. Elizabeth Ann Seton? This is not impossible. So I will begin again today, Just Saying Yes.

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Beautiful site, beautiful thoughts! Nice job!