Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Green SUV

for babies, that is. No environmental footprint, no expensive fuel, and excellant mileage. Of course, I felt like I needed a handicap sticker on our car, for all the accesories we needed to get Holly Marie to her doctors appointment.

Her stroller, alone, is not an imposing machine, but once you load it down with the baby car seat, a musical toy attachement, diaper bag, bottles, pacifiers, extra blankets and the hat for our sweeties head... Holly's entrance into a room was certainly a force to be reckoned with. People parted in elevators, hallways and waiting rooms like the Moses and The Red Sea.

Here comes a sweet little baby in her own SUV! The one thing I did not want was a Baby SUV. As I have mentioned though, plans change and the one thing we needed at that hospital was our own Baby SUV.

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