Friday, February 15, 2008

Simply Fast

Lent must be the Olympics for Catholics. There are so many opportunities to excell. My biggest challenge is simply the Fast. Can you call it fasting if you just end up throwing the cake away? All day I have been haunted by cake, tempted at every turn. Finally, when I went to grab the fork one more time and remembered again it was Friday during Lent, so I just threw the cake away. Erring on the side of caution, I hope this still considered part of my fasting for today!

How can you make the Friday observance of abstinence and fasting, simple for you and your family? Well, start by grocery shopping on Saturday during Lent. If the pantry isn't newly stocked with all the best snacks, it will be easier to remember that you are actually Fasting on Friday. Or try setting out smaller plates and bowls for the family to eat off of. But most of all, remind each other.

There is such an abundance of food in our country, in our stores, restaurants and even our homes, it is so easy to forget to Fast! The tradition has been to empty the pantry before the fast began (Fat Tuesday, Pancake Tuesday). Just because we have a refrigerator and prepackaged food, doesn't mean we can't participate in this ritual too. Take a bag of extras to your church for their pantry. Less for you, more for them!

This Friday remember to Simply Fast.

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