Thursday, February 7, 2008

Valentine's Day Crafts for Pennies

Any holiday is absolutely my favorite day. Especially ones that involve chocolate. Interesting way to celebrate Lent, though. Here is an idea that came from EWTN's website for children for a uniquely Catholic Valentine.
Draw a picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Color and cut this out. Paste it onto a heart shaped paper doily. Include the following verse:

May St. Valentine inspire us to greater charity, that we may ever respond more fully to Jesus' call, "Be Mine".

The art that we used on ours is from the "Catholic How to Draw Book" published by Catholic Hertiage Curricula. One of the best purchases we have made!

Look for the doilies in the after holiday sale carts at the grocery store. I got these last year for $0.69 for 18. No way can you buy Valentine's for 3 children's classes this cheaply!
Have fun this Valentine's Day and remember the real invitation to "Be Mine" is from Jesus!

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