Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Little Homeschool Business

Just three years ago, when Lee and I decided we would homeschool, I knew I could not go this alone. Neither should you! There are lots of great ways to get support, online or in person.

The first thing I did was join our local homeschool association. This group organizes many educational and fun opportnities to participate in. Like a PE class (that I would never ever do on my own :-), a spelling bee, talent show, and group testing.

Actually, the very first thing that happened was arranged by God. He managed a meeting between me and a long ago friend from our church. By long ago, I mean 8th grade. A friend from our junior high youth group. Yvonne and I enjoyed our little reunion meeting. But more importantly, I learned about the Catholic Homeschool Coop that she participated in!

I knew that our faith would have to be an important part of our school. And that I would want my children to get the chance to know other Catholic homeschoolers. What a great opportunity! So we joined the coop, before I had even registered our school with the state!

What a great place to be, for all of us! We attend Mass and classes, enjoy some outdoor play time and Mom time. We celebrate Catholic holidays and things that make our faith part of our lives. All very good things!

And now the Catholic homeschool community is growing. If you live in the Forsythe County area, check out this site also! Two moms are joining with Holy Family Catholic Church to provide weekly homeschool enrichment session in Clemmons.

To help spread the word, here are a few key search terms, people may be using to find a local group: Clemmons Catholic Homechool, Winston Salem Catholic Homeschool, Mocksville Catholic Homeschool, Salisbury Catholic Homeschool, Lexington Catholic Homeschool

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