Sunday, September 28, 2008

Of Hope and Destiny

After this particularly trying two weeks and the many, many personal failures of self-control, one could begin to despair. How can I ever teach my children to be nice to one another when I am breathing fire every time I open my mouth? How can I ever overcome my own weaknesses if I am continually turning to food instead of Jesus? How can anyone, least of all me, achieve Holiness that we are called to, when I fail over and over?

I want to cling to Hope and not despair. I want to set Heaven as my destiny and act accordingly. In the midst of all these swirling thoughts, the Holy Spirit whispered "St. Therese, remember St. Therese of Liseux".

She didn't accomplish great things and her short life was so great that the best of the best in the Catholic Church decided she should be a Doctor of the Church! Then I began to remember the very little things that I had been able to accomplish. The hugs for Bill. The extra beads for Anna to make gifts for Mimi and Aunt Mary. A moment to encourage Lee Allison to keep researching a new computer program.

God is so very gracious to thow me a lifeline in St. Therese experience. Even though these last two weeks haven't been my very best, neither should I despair. As a Christian I have to keep clinging to the Hope that my failures are not fatal. God is merciful.

.ps My mom sent me the "Roses from heaven" (pictured above) this morning. Not knowing I had been thinking about St. Therese all night :-) Thanks Mom and St. Therese.

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