Monday, October 20, 2008


Not so many photos of this surgery. After three weeks of fighting off an ear infection, thrush and that nasty bacterial diaper rash, I was just hoping Holly and I would be up for the post-op recovery. And to be honest, she was so swollen after this surgery, really I don't want to remember that.

I tried to get a decent picture with Daddy, but Holly kept moving in front of him! All I have are pictures Daddy obscured by smiling baby!

Last note, while we were waiting for the surgery to begin in June, the soft palate repair, I thought I had dressed appropriately, tried to look presentable for the long day ahead. But somehow I missed the mark that day. Complete strangers approached to ask if I needed help. Even the chaplain came to offer prayers and consolation. Always happy for the extra prayers, but knew I was looking even worse than I felt. So this time I tried a little harder not to look so worn out and stressed. You almost can't see the circles under my eyes!

I know, priority issues, who cares what I look like? Holly was having surgery!

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