Friday, October 10, 2008

Its a Hard Knock Life

Sometimes the knocks aren't quite so hard. Holly's hard palate repair is behind us. Now we wait. And look and wait. I've checked stitches three times since Wednesday to make sure they are still there. Silly me. Like me shining a flashlight in her mouth will make the stitches stronger.

The hard palate repair went well. The extra reflux medicine, Zantac, did its job beautifully. As a result, Holly needed less pain medicine than after the other surgeries. All good.

The unexpected things are these: The day after the surgery Holly had a hard time keeping down her formula or pedialyte. I have chalked that up to another unexpected thing, a massive amount of drainage from her nose. If I didn't know she just had surgery I would think this was one nasty head cold or sinus allergy.

And the final thing I didn't really expect, but was prepared for, Holly began yesterday to reject her bottle. Today she is drinking from a sippy cup with little problem. Maybe tomorrow I will offer the bottle again. Who would have ever thought I would be sad about those troublesome Habermans making an early departure?

As far as I can tell from all I have been told or read, this surgery is supposed to be the hardest to recover from. Glad the surgery is behind and we are on day 3 of her recovery. I'll post another time about what is working for post surgery feeding tips.


Kathy said...

So glad everything seems to be going well and prayers for a continued uneventful recovery.

The Ski's said...

Good to hear! Keep us posted. We head to surgery this Thursday for Reid. I am glad to hear that Holly seems to be doing ok. We are weaning the bottle completely before surgery. Reid is on one a day (morning) and really only on that to get rid of my formula. We are weaning to whole milk...and he will be on that for surgery time. Hopefully, that will be ok. Were you in overnight...or longer with Holly? We are to expect 2 nights...and if we get home in one...BONUS! I am taking 2.5 weeks off from work...hopefully, Reid will recover ok in the allotted time. I worry about sleep. He is in such a good pattern and routine right now. I pray we get that back. Maybe not right away...but someday, at least! Keep us posted! Hugs to Holly from us all!